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E-education Service

Educational technology is the effective use of technological tools in learning. As a concept, it concerns an array of tools, such as media, machines and networking hardware,as well as considering underlying theoretical perspectives for their effective application.

Educational technology is not restricted to high technology. Nonetheless, electronic educational technology, also called e-learning, has become an important part of society today, comprising an extensive array of digitization approaches, components and delivery methods. For example, m-learning emphasizes mobility, but is otherwise indistinguishable in principle from educational technology.

E-health Service

E-Health mission is to build stronger health systems through the design & implementation of data-driven solutions that respond to local needs and provide underserved communities with tools to lead healthier lives.

E-Health is focused on improving healthcare by creating effective ways to implement reliable health information management systems. We have developed eHealth and mHealth solutions that can be rapidly deployed to manage patient information, streamline clinical procedures, and provide data and analysis on health program outcomes.

Accurate health data will provide NGO’s, hospitals, and donor agencies with access to timely health system indicators needed to evaluate their health interventions and respond to critical public health needs.

We bring about positive change by harnessing the potential of technology, valuing the power and knowledge of local people, and maintaining a sharp focus on the health worker. To help close the gap in access to health care we have developed and share a depth of expertise.

E-transport Service

E-Transport provides users with tools for real-time vehicle tracking through web-based application using internet browser.

Helps to reduce expenditure on fleet’s control and optimize labour productivity by enabling remote monitoring and control of vehicle’s real-time position and performance parameters.

Transportation Management software offers the scope of solutions you need to run a comprehensive, integrated system—and achieve better results than you ever thought possibl

E-environment Service

Knowledge of electronic environments focuses on the concepts and operational function of components that underpin the understanding of how electronic environments (functional combinations of hardware and embedded software in the real world, ie, circuits, prototypes or products) are developed, assembled and tested.

E-service Service

E-services, a business concept , is the idea that the World Wide Web is moving beyond e-business and e-commerce (that is, completing sales on the Web) into a new phase where many business services can be provided for a business or consumer using the Web.

E-services include a range of different software which provide support to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

Application Development

help you maintain your business. We’re experienced at handling change requests, cost pressures, and lack of support for niche technologies and packaged solutions.

Mobility, Network & Security Solutions

From mobility strategy through device deployment and system management, we have the resources and skills to get your business moving.

IT Strategy and Consulting

Define, design and execute IT strategies that drive business growth.

Portals and Collaboration

More collaborative, socially interactive and experience driven, they empower users to harness the potential of content and data.